Schutt Sports Launches F7 UR1 Custom Helmet with Pressure Map Design System

Schutt F7 UR1 Helmet

Schutt F7 UR1 Helmet


The UR1 is custom built, custom fit and custom for the “lifetime“ of the helmet

LITCHFIELD, Ill. (January 10, 2019)—Schutt Sports today announced the commercial availability of the F7 UR1 helmet, a professional level custom helmet designed via proprietary full contact pressure mapping of the athlete’s head and built with a “Pod and Pad” custom fit unique to the individual player. The UR1 customization is adjustable for the life of the helmet to address changes to the athlete’s head or preferred fit, or the helmet can be totally reconfigured for another player.

“For an athlete, fit is about how the helmet feels, not about an off-the-shelf size. The UR1 custom helmet maximizes an athlete’s fit for maximum performance,” noted Kip Meyer, Schutt General Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The UR1 is the most versatile, custom configured helmet in football history.”

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Via a Fitting Helmet with instruments that touch the head, the Schutt UR1-FC system uses full contact pressure mapping to generate a head-to-helmet pressure customization protocol specific to the individual athlete. The system captures the unique shape of the athlete’s head, overcoming data collection challenges such as hair style and thickness variables. During the athlete’s custom fitting session, the Pressure Map and associated data enable the system’s virtual helmet to accurately portray a digital image of various pressure levels at the Pressure Map locations. The UR1-FC Pod schemata corresponds to the Pressure Map and when the virtual Pods are adjusted, they create visual signals of the pressure for each Pod. The “Pod and Pad” custom fit on the UR1 helmet includes 17 locations allowing for more than 16 trillion possible configurations to customize the fit to the athlete.

“Schutt designed the UR1 to empower athletes and equipment managers to skillfully adjust helmet pressure and fit to compensate for changes the athlete experiences, to environmental conditions or to reconfigure the helmet for another player,” commented Meyer.

Players or equipment managers may purchase additional Pads and adjust them to preference. The UR1 is also equipped with a lateral air liner for individual fit adjustments. The benefits and values of the UR1 helmet apply to athletes or teams at all levels of the sport.

The foundational helmet for the UR1 is the Schutt F7 LTD, the best rated helmet in the history of the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating program. Jay White, a leading designer in performance modeling and measurement, served as Chief Technology Designer for the F7 UR1, with primary responsibility for product innovation. He is Chief Technical Officer of Falcon Pursuit. Details about the UR1 custom fitting system are featured at .

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