Kip Meyer

Kip Meyer, general manager (COO) and vice president, sales and marketing, has led Schutt Sports’ product development, sales, marketing, customer service and manufacturing since joining the company in 2008. He inherited serious and complex financial and operational challenges at Schutt and managed the day-to-day operations of the company transition to a new standard of consistent growth and high performance.

During his tenure Mr. Meyer’s sales and marketing achievements include the launch of a first-ever on-line store, rapid growth of internet sales, creation of a new web site and dynamic brand position, launch of a cohesive and targeted social media communications program and development of a re-aligned sales structure and strategy to correspond to the marketplace. In addition, he updated and reinvigorated the Schutt reconditioning business, expanded, broadened and differentiated existing company product offerings and acquired product lines to create a stronger two-tier brand system.

He manages all Schutt manufacturing operations and service functions of 700+ staff and a sales network of more than 3,000 dealers and reps in multiple markets while continuously monitoring the sports equipment and protection category for growth and expansion opportunities. Most recently he successfully concluded an exclusive North American sales and distribution agreement with the leading producer of premium injury prevention and protection sports bracing products.

Mr. Meyer previously served as president of Valley Apparel, a subsidiary of adidas America and as a supervising senior auditor for KPMG Peat Marwick. He received a BS degree, emphasis in Accounting and Finance from the University of Idaho. He is active in and President of the Edwardsville (IL) High School Booster Club and a member of the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioning Association.