Jay “Spyder” White serves Schutt Sports as Chief Technology Designer, F7 UR1 Custom Helmet. He leads the hardware and software teams for the UR1 custom system and has primary responsibility for product innovation on the UR1.  Mr. White brings 20 years of deep science and technology innovation in sports analytics and performance to the design and development of the UR1 Custom Helmet’s Avatar Rendering Engine and pressure mapping configuration process. The F7 UR1 Custom Helmet system produces, on location, a professional level custom fit helmet at an affordable price point.

Mr. White also serves as Chief Technical Officer of Falcon Pursuit, whose Avatar Creation Engine produces scientifically precise, unique, solid-structure 3D human avatars that allow the virtual and real worlds to intersect and interact to produce new levels of design and performance. Falcon Pursuit’s engineering spans the principles of bioharmonics, aerodynamics, biochemical muscle function and telemetry data analytics.

Prior to Falcon Pursuit Mr. White as director of human motion and metrics at FASTER aerodynamic research, as director of sport motion at NaturalPoint retail and R&D motion capture systems, as director of R&D at FILA and as senior engineer, R&D, for TaylorMade Golf. 

Mr. White studied engineering physics at Oregon State University and holds 14 US patents and 35 international patents in various technologies. He is a professional mountain climber and has been sponsored by Woolrich, adidas, Salomon and TaylorMade Golf.